Our Mission is to bring Awareness, Inspiration, Education, Healing, Self-Motivation and Growth, Self Improvement, Peace, Balance, Unity and Harmony to all the peoples of the world through Voice, Song and Spirit Communication.

About Cheryln

Cheryln has learned, through years of experience, (setting all egos aside) to let The Creator, GOD, Infinite Intelligence, angels, and Spirit guides speak through her and bring through Spirit loved ones that have crossed over. She uses ALL of her senses, through channeled mediumship, to bring forth messages - for their best and highest good at this time in their life - for each person to hear. Cheryln is an Ordained Minister. Many questions regarding health, wealth, career, love, happiness, moves, pets, etc. can be answered. What questions might you have for her?

Cheryln has a BA Degree in Interior Design, which has led her, for over 35 years, in a path of intense studies of people, design, color and healing along with motivational lectures, workshops, and numerous television and radio shows. She has written a book on "Decorating With Color Psychology" -- why people choose colors that they do, and how and why the colors affect individuals as they do. Cheryln is working on her second book covering color, healing and auras. Among her many talents, she is a trained vocal and instrumental musician. Cheryln has produced four Gospel/ Inspirational/ Meditation CD’s and is in the process of making more. She is also working on other books and CDs.

Cherlyn can be contacted via phone at: (623) 214-3694; contact via email to book an appointment, www.AllSpiritDriven.com. If you need to talk with Cheryln directly, email her at: Cheryln@AllSpiritDriven.com

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About Jerry

Jerry Lindberg, is a vocalist, Lead Singer and a Musician. He has been working on and receiving spiritual music and messages all of his life. He is an Intuitive Spirit Medium, an Intuitive Healer, a Presenter, and Speaker of many topics.

Jerry has 32 years experience as an electrical engineer (BSEE) from University of Houston (retired first time). He retired a second time, after ten years, as a successful business owner/operator of Advanced RV Center, a RV Repair Business. He now spends time and energy as a lead singer with Alchemy Inspiration's musical group.